to grow or develop well, to flourish, to prosper

Building Resilience in Individuals and Organizations

Resilience ~ the capacity to weather changes, grow from adversity, and continue moving forward ~ is essential for the health of people and businesses. THRIVEeap provides uniquely personalized and comprehensive support to employees and organizations. 

Do you want to provide tailored counseling and resource support to your employees? Are you an HR department of one? Is your organization too small to even have a Human Resource manager? THRIVEeap is here for you with pragmatic, timely, thorough, and thoughtful assistance. 

For Employees

THRIVEeap offers free, confidential, personalized support without a strict limit on the number of appointments. Employees seek EAP services on a wide variety of topics relating to both work and personal life.

For Supervisors

THRIVEeap supports managers in their role as supervisors and leaders in the organization. Managers often access EAP resources when they have a supervisory dilemma or questions about personnel policy.

For Organizations

THRIVEeap provides management consultation on a wide variety of topics that have a direct impact on the health and productivity of the organization, such as the hiring process, performance evaluation, and employment policies.

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