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Making Work Better

At THRIVEeap we want to help make work better. To us, “better” is an aspiration…something to keep striving for, something that pushes us toward innovation. Through our personal, local, and holistic approach to serving businesses we are helping create great places to work.

Do you want to provide tailored counseling and resource support to your employees? Are you an HR department of one? Is your organization too small to have a dedicated Human Resource manager? THRIVEeap is here for you with timely, thorough, and thoughtful assistance. 

Employee Assistance

Our counselors offers free, confidential, personalized support. We are not a typical EAP with a certain number of allowed appointments. Employees come to us for a variety of topics relating to life inside and outside of work.

HR & Management Help

Employment regulations. Employee engagement. Workplace well-being. Supervisory dilemmas. Customized employee handbook. Update job descriptions. We help with all of this and much more. 

Learning & Development

Our engaging workshops teach knowledge and skills that create better places to work. We address a range of dynamics from communication to harassment to leadership to stress management…and many more 

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