THRIVEeap is…

Personal. Local. Holistic. This is the heart what we do and how we do it. We are a team of dedicated Mental Health, Human Resource, and Learning & Development professionals who are on a mission to help make work better. If we spend almost 1/3 of our time at work, let’s make it a place where we can thrive! 

We have an amazing team at THRIVEeap…

Jennifer Jacobs (Human Resource & Management Consultant, EAP Counselor, Workshop Facilitator)

Jennifer owns and manages THRIVEeap. She has lived in Windham County most of her life and has a deep connection to the community. In 2014 she took over the former practice, Consultants for Workplace and Family Health, and transformed it into THRIVEeap. Jennifer very intentionally chose the word “thrive” for the work that the company does. She firmly believes that with the right resources, support, and opportunities, anyone can “flourish, grow, and prosper.” She is committed to helping others do just that, by increasing access to mental health support through Employee Assistance and making places of work the best they can be. 

Karen Blumberg (Lead Workshop Facilitator, EAP Counselor)

As an experienced workshop facilitator, Karen brings great joy and passion to helping individuals and teams learn and grow. She helps identify how Learning & Development can address key needs within an organization and create a comprehensive plan to extend learning beyond a workshop. As a seasoned mental health clinician she also provides knowledgeable and compassionate support to employees when they are experiencing something distressful. 

Alyssa Pelow (HR Specialist, Onsite HR Specialist)

Bringing experience from the corporate Human Resources world to local businesses, Alyssa offers thorough and timely help to address a wide-range of HR questions and needs. She also is THRIVEeap’s Onsite Human Resources Specialist. A naturally friendly and curious person, Alyssa seamlessly joins an organization’s team each week to be the go-to HR professional and work on designated HR projects that increase efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. 

Robin White (EAP Counselor, Wellness Coach & Consultant)

As certified wellness coach and experienced mental health clinician, Robin offers employees a holistic approach to support. In an accepting and compassionate environment she helps individuals clarify their source of distress and actively work toward addressing it. She also is knowledgeable about local resources for life needs such as affordable housing, parenting assistance, addiction services, and personal financial issues. 

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