Employee Assistance

At THRIVEeap we are here to help. Employees, and members of their family living with them, can contact us with any kind of question or problem. Appointments are scheduled as conveniently as possible to minimize time away from work. Our team of Employee Assistance Counselors offer personalized, compassionate, and practical support. When needed, we also provide referrals to other professionals for financial, legal, medical, and other concerns.

Not sure when you might reach out? Here are just a few of the reasons employees have contacted us:

  • feeling overwhelmed at work 
  • parenting questions/concerns 
  • financial concerns/help with a budget 
  • feeling depressed or anxious 
  • concerns about your own or a loved one’s drinking 
  • working toward health-related goals 
  • help caring for an elderly parent 
  • support maintaining recovery/sobriety 
  • experiencing the loss of a loved one 
  • help with marriage/partner relationship 

Feeling stuck? Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to turn? We can help. 


EAP services are free to employees and immediate family members living in their home when they work for an organization that has subscribed to our services.


EAP services are confidential. Neither your employer nor your supervisor will receive details regarding your use of the services.


EAP support is simple to access. Employees are free to simply call or email to make an appointment. Support can be delivered over the phone and by video chat if desired.