Organizational Needs

The support THRIVEeap provides to organizations takes many forms. All services are included in the comprehensive annual Service Agreement. Our support on the “human dynamics” of an organization helps to address communication, expectations, accountability, roles, team functioning, workplace culture, professional development, and adherence to state and federal employment regulations.


THRIVEeap can provide your organization with trainings that will help to create a more positive and productive workplace. These trainings can be delivered on site or through on-demand webinars.  

Training topics include:

  • Employment Law for Supervisors
  • Providing Employees Performance Feedback
  • Creating Resilient Employees
  • Coaching as a Management Strategy
  • Making an EAP Referral: Information for Supervisors
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace
  • Dealing with Workplace Conflicts

With a Learning and Development Needs Assessment, THRIVEeap can help you identify the training priorities for your organization, for specific departments, and for individual employees. 

Human Resource Consultation

Let THRIVEeap help you address the Human Resources-related needs of your organization. Small to medium sized business find this service to be particularly useful. Some areas we can help are…

  • Create and update job descriptions 
  • Create and update the employee handbook
  • Mediation of difficult conflicts
  • Support through organizational changes and strategic planning
New Service ~ Salary Analysis
$ Are your salaries in line with those in the region?
$ Do you need a competative salary for a new position?
$ Does the salary scale for your organization need to be updated?

THRIVEeap can provide a salary analysis for one or more positions (depending on the size of your workforce) with recommendations based on local, regional, and national data. 

Wellbeing Programs

Addressing the wellbeing of employees can take many forms and does not need to cost a lot in time or money. Any investment made is an investment in increased employee engagement, decreased turn-over, and decreased costs associated medical concerns.   THRIVEeap can help set up and maintain a holistic wellbeing program that meets the needs and interests of your employees. Download your own Be Well Guide to get started.

Download the Be Well Guide.