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Yoga at Work

Bring yoga into your workplace. With a half-hour, work-based yoga class your employees can learn simple poses to use during their work day. The poses can be done altogether or one or two at a time for a micro “yoga break” virtually anytime and anywhere.

THRIVEeap has designed a 4-week series of simple, safe, effective poses that can be done in any work environment, in normal work attire and using typical workplace furniture (chairs and desks) for assistance in the poses.

Yoga offers many benefits to health and well-being including:

  • reducing stress 
  • improving posture 
  • increasing circulation 
  • increasing mental focus 
  • increasing positive emotions 
  • handling challenges more effectively 

This, in turn, helps employees to:

  • increase their general well-being 
  • be more productive 
  • have a more positive outlook 
  • reduce work-related injuries (especially due to repetitve motion) 

The Yoga at Work series is taught by Jennifer Jacobs, certified yoga instructor (RYT-200).

Wellbeing Programs

It has become increasingly common for organizations to purposefully address the well-being of their employees. These initiatives can take many forms and do not need to cost a lot in time or money. However, any investment made generally yields a high return in the form of increased employee engagement, decreased turn-over, and decreased utilization of health insurance.

The downfall of many well-being initiatives (often called “wellness programs”) is when they do not actively solicit input from employees in the planning and implementation. THRIVEeap can help set up and maintain an authentic well-being initiative that meets the needs and interests of your employees.

The Well-being Initiatives facilitated by THRIVEeap are holistic. All aspects of what it means to “be well” are addressed in the assessment, planning, and implementation. Individual coaching is available to participants in the initiatives to help them reach their well-being goals.