Other Services

Employee Happiness Survey

An organization’s workforce can provide a lot of valuable information if they are asked the right questions. Our survey allows employees to provide monthly or quarterly feedback on their experience at work. The survey takes just a few minutes to complete but yields meaningful data on employees’ overall work-related happiness, capacity, potential, and other key indicators for effectiveness and retention. THRIVEeap administers the survey, compiles the data, and reports the results to organizational leaders. We also offer guidance and tools to reinforce factors that positively influence company culture and address elements that need attention. Survey questions and other details can be customized. 

Wellbeing Programs

Addressing the wellbeing of employees can take many forms and does not need to cost a lot in time or money. Any investment made is an investment in increased employee engagement, decreased turn-over, and decreased costs associated medical concerns.   THRIVEeap can help set up and maintain a holistic wellbeing program that meets the needs and interests of your employees. Download your own Be Well Guide to get started.

Download the Be Well Guide


Yoga at Work

Bring yoga into your workplace. With a half-hour, work-based yoga class your employees can learn simple poses to use during their work day. The class is at a slow pace and each pose is fully instructed (chairs and desks are used for assistance in the poses). This is perfect for those new to yoga or anyone who wants a gentle physical break during the day.

Yoga offers many benefits to health and well-being, such as…

  • reducing stress 
  • improving posture 
  • increasing circulation 
  • increasing mental focus 
  • increasing positive emotions 
  • handling challenges more effectively 

This helps employees…

  • be more productive 
  • have a more positive outlook 
  • increase their general well-being 
  • reduce work-related injuries (especially due to repetitve motion) 

All classes are taught by a certified yoga instructor.