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The Addiction Recovery Guide

Information on treatment options, addiction medication, and holistic approaches. Message boards, and other resources.

Addictions and Recovery

Relapse prevention plan and other resources.

Alcoholics Anonymous of Vermont

Information about the Vermont chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous. Includes general AA information and a list of all AA meetings that take place throughout the state.

Resources for helping a child with lack of focus, poor organization, and/or difficulty with self-control. They may have weakness in one or more areas of Executive Functioning. These resources can help you understand this and how you can support them.

Smart But Scattered

Useful and clear information about executive functioning. Has sections that explain how a child’s brain develops, how to tell if your child has weakness in executive functioning, and how you can help them.

Executive Functions for Kids

Short video (designed for kids but great for adults too!) that explains what executive functions are all about and how to build them up. No audio…it’s like watching a silent movie

Resources and information to help parents navigate the often choppy waters of the teenage years.

Smart But Scattered Teens

Provides a science-based program for promoting teens’ independence by building their executive skills.

Braintstorm: The Power and the Purpose of the Teenage Brain

Excerpt from a longer workshop on how the teenage brain works…how it is different from a child’s brain AND an adult’s. Confused about why your teen acts the way they do? Watch this!

The Yoga Center at Solar Hill

Yoga studio in Brattleboro, VT with a range of classes for all yoga levels. Friendly, inviting, and supportive environment and instruction.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice of being aware of what is happening as it is happening in a non-judgmental way. A lot of research has been done on the positive impact mindfulness has on many aspects of health and well-being.

No one can take Mindfulness away from you

Brief video with Jon Kabat-Zinn, bestselling author and teacher. Kabat-Zinn talks about what mindfulness means to him personally, and argues that the United States is an “underdeveloped” country when it comes to compassion and attention.

Ergonomic Mouse Use, Ergonomic Laptop Use, Ergonomic Typing Posture

Three resources to help office workers create workstations that minimize repetative motion strain.

Michelle Singletary

No-nonsense financial advice, resources and tools for creating a budget, saving, and investing.


This company has a lot of useful financial planning information available online. All the information is free. If you want to create a financial “program” with them there is a fee.

Secure, cloud-based financial management program. Allows you to keep track of all your personal finances in one place with budgeting and bill pay features. Fees involved for bill pay.

Vermont Law Help: Money & Debt

Information on varied topics related to personal and consumer financial issues (bankruptcy, consumer rights, foreclosure, small claims court, and others) in the State of Vermont.

Vermont Law Help: Family

Information on varied topics related to family life and legal issues (divorce, child support, relief from abuse, and others) in the State of Vermont.

My Life As A Caregiver

AARP website with a nice article on one daughter’s journey of caring for her aging parents and lots of very helpful links to further information

How To Care for Aging Parents

Comprehensive and very useful book that covers all the topics associated with caring for parents as they age.

Brattleboro Area Hospice

Local organization that provides tremendous resources for the end of life and bereavement support after a loved one has died.


A non-profit organization that has a lot of information on a wide range of emotional and mental health topics

7 Reasons to Be an Optimist

A short “guide book” to strategies that can increase resilience and well-being.

Mastering Panic

A guide that can be used by yourself or with support from a counselor or therapist to learn about anxiety and how to develop the skills to cope with it.


A lof of information about what depression is, recognizing it in yourself or others, and various methods to treat it.

Al-Anon/Alateen of Vermont

Al-Anon/Alateen groups provide a supportive community to friends and family members of individuals with alcoholism. The individual may be actively drinking, or not, and may also realize that they have an alcohol addiction, or not. Website has information about the organization and meetings.

Information found online should not be a substitute for in-person support and care from qualified individuals to help with addiction.

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