Human Resource & Management Support

From Employment Law compliance to best practices we provide guidance and practical tools for Human Resource and Management needs. Our holistic approach means we get to know each business we work with and offer customized support for understanding changes in employment regulations, addressing supervisory dilemmas, and developing strategies to take care of the people within the organization.

Human Resource Self-assessment

Are your personnel records in order? Do you have a system to ensure there are no unfair disparities in pay? Is there a comprehensive process to on-board new employees?

A Human Resource Self-assessment helps an organization answer these questions and many more. Our HR Specialist leads a business through a complete review of its employment policies and practices. In doing so we identify an organization’s strengths and items that need attention.

Customized Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is a vital piece of an organization’s personnel program. It sets the expectations, rights and responsibilities for employees and the employer.

A well-crafted handbook reflects the values and culture of a company and is reference for important information. We ensure that applicable employment laws are included, benefits and other details of employment are clearly explained, and the features that make an organization unique are highlighted.

Employee Performance

Employee engagement is the foundation of a productive workplace. Giving individuals useful performance feedback helps them be better at what they do and grow in the organization.

We help HR professionals and Managers set and evaluate goals, conduct meaningful performance reviews, address concerns in a timely manner, create effective Performance Improvement Plans, and navigate an employee’s departure from the organization. 

Employment Life Cycle

We guide organizations through all phases of the Employment Life Cycle with personalized attention and useful tools.These includes:

  • Hiring Practices (recruiting, interviewing, on-boarding)
  • Retention & Development (performance feedback, performance reviews, compensation review)
  • Transitions (promotion, resignation, termination)