Management Consultation

Consultation offered by THRIVEeap supports managers and supervisors on a broad range of topics to help them perform their role with greater efficiency, clarity, and effectiveness. Support may take the form of guidance with a supervisory dilemma, increasing leadership and mentoring skills, or creating/updating policies and procedures.

Employee Performance

Employee engagement is the foundation of a productive workplace. Providing employees with meaningful performance feedback contributes to a supportive, trusting supervisor-supervisee relationship as well as greater employee engagement. THRIVEeap can help you:

  • Set and evaluate goals
  • Conduct meaningful performance reviews
  • Address concerns in a timely manner
  • Facilitate a Performance Improvement Plan objectively and with confidence

Policy Review

Clear, legal, and consistently implemented policies help to avoid complicated and challenging employment issues. THRIVEeap can help you create a work environment that is fair and free from bias, as well as set expectations for job performance and workplace behavior. This may include:

  • Create and update an Employee Handbook (save time…let us do this for you!)
  • Understand the Family Medical Leave Act and implement procedures for adherence to this law
  • Understand the Americans with Disabilities Act and implement procedures for adherence to this law
  • Understand the various forms of Harassment and how to prevent and address it
  • Create and update job descriptions