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"I had a problem that to me was huge, but after talking to Jennifer the first time we together added perspective and a sense of calm. She is respectful, gentle as well as full of ideas."- Employee
"The feedback I got was very helpful…it helped me look at my situation in a different light…and to realize that I was, and am, doing very well even though all the pressures around me felt like they were bearing down relentlessly."- Employee
“I wish that I had sought the help offered sooner. Along with the encouragement and support I needed to face the situation head on, I also received just enough of a nudge to get things moving in a positive direction.”- Employee
“One of the best choices I’ve made in my life was to reach out for your help!”- Employee
“THRIVEeap’s response was prompt, professional, and extremely helpful.”- Administrator
“I have not only used the services, I have strongly recommended them to others in our company as well. The best first step I have ever made.”- Administrator